God is calling us to be God’s people in this place. We confess Jesus, crucified and risen, to be God’s Son, Messiah and Lord. He has rescued us from bondage to sin and to forces of evil. Through baptism and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit we have been born into a new life as adopted children in God’s family. We have turned from serving ourselves to following Jesus, taking his teachings and example as the rule of our life. God, working through the Holy Spirit, is shaping and building up this church. Together as a Fellowship we seek to do God’s will as:


1. God makes us into a loving and caring family in which each one knows the freedom of the children of God.

2. God enables us to share our lives and possessions freely, and to be responsible stewards of the earth’s resources.

3. We are led into closer relationship with God through the personal and corporate disciplines of worship, prayer, and study.

4. God teaches us through the Scriptures, which are the final authority for our faith and life.

5. God heals and restores us as we submit to each other in mutual guidance and correction, and as we share counsel with one another about significant decisions we face.

6. God opens our life so that others may hear the good news, see Jesus, and be drawn into the wholeness (shalom) of God’s kingdom.

7. God humbles us to live in service and hospitality to our neighbours.

8.  God shows us how to work for peace and justice in our rebellious world, following the non-violent, vulnerable example of God’s Son, Jesus.

9. God purifies our life so that in simplicity and integrity we seek above all else God’s kingdom and its justice.


You, God, are acting to reconcile all of creation to yourself. Justice, peace, and joy are the hallmarks of your reign. As members of this Fellowship and of Christ’s world-wide body, we commit ourselves to pray and to work for these qualities of true life. Although in our weakness and wilful disobedience we continue to be tempted from the true way, we are already experiencing something of the beauty of God’s reign in our life together. We expectantly await that Day, when Jesus will return and God will make all things – both on earth and in the heavens – new.

In light of these affirmations, we commit ourselves to God and each other as members of the Wood Green Mennonite Church.

2 thoughts on “Covenant

  1. Dear Sean,

    I attend Kings Heath Quaker Meeting, Moseley Quaker meeting and the Peace Hub; all in Birmingham West Midlands. I am studying a distance learning Bible course with ‘Lamp and Light Publishers’ which is affiliated to a Mennonite church in Farmington U.S.A.

    I would be interested in joining your proposed virtual community and also attending occasional gatherings.

    Best wishes from Pamela Hirsch.

    • Jeremy Clarke says:

      Hi Pamela,

      Sorry for tardy reply – I’ve only just discovered your post.

      Our proposed virtual community currently takes the form of the closed facebook group MennoNet UK. I’ve just sent you an invite to that group.

      If anyone else reading this comment wishes to join that group, please email your request to: briefly explaining who you are (if we don’t already know you) and why you wish to join. Thank you.

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