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Radical Routes aimed to enable those who are curious to discover how the five hundred year old Anabaptist and Mennonite traditions have helped shape modern approaches to less institutionalised and hierarchical Jesus-centred ways of being church, uncovering life-changing resources from a radical faith perspective based on following Jesus in community.

On Tuesdays at the end of each month, the former Wood Green Mennonite Church sponsored a monthly Central London book club discussion.

It was an open event to which people interested in a face to face means of exploring the Anabaptist tradition of being church were invited to come and take part.

The open discussion explored the implications of living out faith in our Western Post-Christendom setting via the rediscovery of community, hospitality, peace and simplicity. Not only exploring some of the resources and stories of the Anabaptist faith traditions from around the world but also listening to its critics to understand both strengths and weaknesses.

In late 2015, we discussed the papal encyclical released in June 2015 On Care for Our Common Home by Pope Francis (which link takes you to a .pdf download). Each evening was based around one section of the encyclical.

In early 2015, we discussed Stuart Murray’s primer The Naked Anabaptist, published by Paternoster in 2011 and available on Amazon (paperback or kindle). Each evening was based around one chapter of the book.

(The above was amended on 11th April 2016 to reflect WGMC’s current status.)

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